A 54 Mile Ride up Eureka Canyon and the Loop

Sept 17, 2016

The day was clear, clean, and nice temperatues in the a.m. I wanted to get in a long ride and do some thinking; and perhaps start at Cabrillo and at the ride conclusion do some work at the Observatory,\ - if I got an email from my Meade LX200 repairman. But the contact didn't come, and by the time I was ready to leave, it was 11:40a m. Alas, now the ride would be hot, up to 90F by the time I traversed Highland Way up along the Summit. I stopped and drank deep at my favorite stream crossing...

Rolling up to Soquel and State Park drive, I was surprised to here "Doctor!" from behind - Rick Ferrell was completing his own 60 mile ride up Eureka Canyon; we rode together for a few miles and then I stopped for a fresh apple to help power me up the hills to come.

Up Eureka Canyon a bit, there's a Granny Smith apple tree that's right on the right-of-way of the road, and in fact I can just reach up and grab free apples this time of year without even dismounting my bike. I couldn't resist! Delicious!

3/4 of the way up the switchbacks of Eureka Canyon, my favorite stream crossing was a good place to doff my cleats, get good and cool dunking my head, letting my funky helmet get a bath, and take this nice shot of reflected blue skylight, greenish rock moss, and an early Fall maple leaf.

I was powered by a half mini-bottle of "5-hr Energy", a home-made sandwich of organic kale, tomatoes, herbs from my deck garden, and also my infamous banana, peach, frozen figs, raw cocoa powder, and MetRx smoothie. My sandwich waited till the Summit Store for me to enjoy. I'm glad I didn't try to do the hills in Scotts Valley and up over Mtn View - the heat and my recent runs had me outta gas after the last little climb past Hwy 17 up to the top of Mtn Charlie Rd, and the next 15 miles of downhill and level riding were quite all I wanted.