This was to be my only Low Key Hill Climb time trial this season. Too many other things going on. Rick was up for it, and it's a beautiful ride and good workout. The plan was to park at San Gregorio, get in a few miles warm-up to "the Hut", where the race would start, do the time trial, which ended at the top, on Skyline. We'd then ride south on Skyline to La Honda Rd, and back down to San Gregorio. Then drive to Pescadero for lunch. This is only the second time the LKHC has done Tunitas Creek, which was one of the tougher challenges of the 2009 Tour of California by the pros. It's 7 miles long, 2,000 ft of climbing, most of that concentrated in the middle 2 miles.

On the road. Ferrell's got his "Terminator" game-face going on. Hill climbing is his specialty

Across from the iconic San Gregorio Store. Ready to ride.

It's the holidays, and what says the Holidays better than ancient dead fish decorated with tinsel? They're a permanent fixture on the fence posts across from the Store.


Tunitas Creek Rd, a classic old Northern California barn, a mile from "the Hut".

The Hut - a welcome little rural snack place was the sign-in place for this time trial

A warmup before Ferrell heads back down the finish. Me - I'm already time trialing

The finish line, where Tunitas Creek tops out at Skyline

Ferrell out-sprints to the end

Big smiles

More big smiles

now, an accidental candid shot, and wow, back to feeling the burn in those thighs.

Riding downhill on La Honda Rd is about the greatest ride in the Santa Cruz Mtns; it's got the perfect slope so that you don't need to pedal, and you don't need to brake either.


Ferrell's time was 42 min. Mine was 63:36.