A Morning with the "Will Swim for Food" Gang

Jan 15, 2017

Nursing my bad hip, I couldn't hike or run today, and did a long ride yesterday... I was tempted to join the open water group at Cowell's but didn't motivate in time and got down there after they were about ready to exit. 53F water makes one think twice! Anyway, I don't have a real winter-suitable wetsuit at this point so it made ME think twice. These guys are tough though... I was along to snap a few photos and join them for breakfast afterwards

Sparkling morning to enjoy the waters

Another entry in the growing Egret Collection. Those dark figures in back are our brave swimmers

Lisa, Diana, and Cathy look happy to have energed. Lisa is clearly well acclimatized to cold water. 53F for half an hour and no wetsuit.

Michael Peck provided photography and encouragement out in the bay

At the cafe, a blue Michael in the eye of a warm in-the-pink-now Cathy