Today, a day after the Trump inauguration, marches around the country were held in protest. I attended ours in Santa Cruz, which must have had many thousands of people. The streets and parks were jammed. Here are some of the sentiments and scences...

Look at that steely grit

Great artwork, and scowl too

Sorry, Elon Musk - it's true. No Planet B out there.

Nothing for me to add here

My former Astro 7: Climate student Robert. Thanks!

Great to see the youngsters appreciate the scientific mindset

Here's a couple of guys who've had enough of the kinder, gentler response to what's happening.

I pointed out the play-yard had a double female-symbol twirling thing and this young lady checked it out

A better idea for a wall...

kids had a carthartic experience with this Trump pinata

When they finally knocked him to pieces, he was empty inside. Yeah. We knew that already.