Kim, wife of my race buddy Rick Ferrell, has worked hard on perfecting her talent and has become quite an amazing painter. All the more impressive because she paints with a fine eye for realism in service of the meaning and message she wants to convey (no Jackson Pollock sort of thing going on here). This theme being - the beauty of young athletic women as personified by their inner and physical strength, deliberately in contrast to the rather demure "pretty" theme that is usual in our culture. Her style is completely unique. No mistaking a Kim Ferrell work, and she's getting more recognition and opportunities as her work gets noticed. I find her work powerful and refreshing. In my own life, as I deal with climate science, I'm increasingly impatient with phoney agenda, with manipulative people, with pretentiousness, with over-eager neediness to please, and with timid refusal to face straight reality. Any confrontation and proud exposition with straight up reality gets my attention and admiration, and a feeling of comradry which is sadly too rare in this crazy world. I see this in Kim's painting style and theme. I wish her great success, which I believe will continue to grow.

There were a few hundred guests, patrons, and friends who were at The Food Lounge (owned and enterprised by our trail-running friend Cat Hernandez, and formerly the site of another Santa Cruz classic - India Joze). See more at KimFerrellArt .

Diane, Cat, Liz Devitt, Terri Schneider, and Kim Ferrell