Today I wanted to see if my new intensified regime of stretching, roller massage and strengthening of all the muscles of my hip, was going to finally let me run a ~half marathon w/o hip pain for the first time. I chose the Sunset-Berry Falls - Skyline-to-the-Sea Loop at Big Basin as I hadn't done it in over a year, and because it allowed me to get in a ~10k of hard running before starting a long hard uphill to get back to park headquarters. I wanted to see if I could push myself on the long last 5 miles of uphill, as I'd have to do for the full 13 miles at Pikes Peak. I was really gratified - it all went quite well! Granted I did stop for pictures at the falls, and I did get stuck behind some people on the trail at times, so it wasn't quite as intense as the competitive run will be. But no hip pain! Hooray!

Cooling off at the first little stream crossing on Sunset Trail

At Golden Falls

Some visiting Germans, at Golden Falls

Lower Golden Falls

Berry Creek Falls, with some photoshop'ing

Berry Creek Falls, another rendition