A Long Training Run at Fall Creek

July 30, 2017


3 weeks now till the Pikes Peak Ascent Half Marathon. Time to see if my care in stretch / strengthen the structures around my left hip are going to let me run half-marathon distances. I chose Fall Creek because its got a trail from the creek up to the Big Ben Tree and Empire Grade Road which is quite steep. I'd run the loop I have done so many times, but in reverse so as to get the steepest miles near the beginning and have them be uphill. It all worked better than I could have hoped! Did the entire 12 miles (including a loop to Empire Grade and a bit extra) without hip pain and able to run the whole way

Followers no doubt have caught on to my love of mountain streams. Fall Creek, rendered in water color

Lost Camp has always been a special place for me. It's far enough up the trail to provide solitude, and for some time, there was a string of Tibetan prayer flags encircling one of the trees - an inspiring welcome. A spring flows from the grounds here giving good clean water.

At the trail crossing a half mile above the Big Ben tree

This tree fall made last winter made for a great hip-deep pool to do a cool-down for my legs about mile 10 in this run

late afternoon light on this waterfall