First Eureka Canyon Ride of the Fall

Sept 30, 2017

Awoke today and the low sun, dry air, and perfect temperatures had me eager for doing a long ride through the redwoods. Felt I should, too, because next Sunday I'm doing the Mt Diablo Challenge with Rick, and thought I could use a good hill climbing workout. 55 miles and 4,400 ft of climbing. However, I'm in the process of writing a chapter - "Economics of Climate Change" for a book project "Climate Abandoned". But I think best when my blood's pumping, and so I'll often take my note-corder and make verbal notes as I ride or run on the weekends. That's what I did today as well.

I've got, I figure, about 60,000 miles on these Diadora cycling shoes. I can't even remember what shoes I had before these. They've served me very well. But the hard base separated from the rest of the shoe 10 days ago! ohhNooo! While I wait for my new Shimano triathlon shoes to arrive, I drilled a screw from the inside out, hacksawed off the part you see here, and it got me through last week's Santa Cruz Tri, and today's 55 miler, along with another 50 miles of commuting in between.

Valencia Rd bridge is now repaired from the storm washout, finally. Allowed me to visit the apple orchard serve-UR-self. I grabbed 3 apples to help me carb through the ride.

Halfway up the switchbacks above Eureka Canyon, the stream that enters the Zen retreat, my favorite re-watering stop

Fall, and the first maple leaves are turning

Watercolor of an underwater scene.

My Canon point-and-shoot had trouble focusing on this scene. Solution? Watercolor filter.