I awoke today feeling sore in my left psoas and a bit depressed and annoyed, after further searching on the web for solutions to my psoas issue. After some pacing around and feeling further annoyed, I decided - "screw it - I'm going running anyway", and put on my new Brooks and decided to run to the beach. I got just around the block and felt OK, and turned around, now determined to do my standard Sunday long run through Fall Creek. We'd see what we would see, after my re-doubled glute-medius workouts of last week and piriformis stretches late last night. It worked out better than I feared - my hip psoas pain didn't kick in till ~mile 7 of the 11 mile full loop, and I was still able to walk / run with some creek soaking in the last 4 miles. Got in some good insights on my note-corder on both the climate / economy project, and also on my psoas plans. And some pretty photos as well. Glad I got out there.

Photo tip: Any nature shot can be improved by just inserting a shot of new Brooks Pure Flow 5 running shoes!

Big Ben and I are old friends by now

At Empire Grade Rd

This raw photo was actually taken about a year ago, but was just an isolated shot from my office railing. In cleaning up my SD card, decided to post it here so I could get it off the card.

Happiness is - a egg and tomatoe breakfast burrito and a cold soak at Lost Camp spring