A Run Up Bridge Creek

Nov 11, 2017

I needed to get out to the forest again... and chose the beauty of Bridge Creek, which I'd also explored a week earlier . New scenes this week.

The recent rains sent the first mushrooms of the season into max growth

Rendered as a watercolor. I think I like this better than the original

Bridge Creek, at the base of the Big Stump trail. Did I hear the call of a red-legged frog? I've seen them here in the past. Or, it might have been just the creak of my water piece on my CamelBak. I haven't seen a frog here in a couple of years now.

At the old logging mill site half way up. The single maple leaf caught my eye

Getting dark, sunset is minutes away. I had to hustle to get back to my bike, still 2 miles away here. Biked back out in semi-darkness. But a great little get-away. So grateful Santa Cruz has such beautiful places so close to home

When climate change gets to the point of killing our redwoods, at the first hint of that I will have to move north. I won't stay to watch it happen.