Riding the Swanton Loop

Dec 28, 2017

I'd done a very thorough job of deep tissue roller'ing after my swim on Wednesday, and today I felt good - like doing a fast ride, and chose the Swanton loop. Starting at 2:30pm, that would only give me 2.5 hrs to get in 40 miles before the sunset. Went well! Stopped briefly for a couple of pix, and saving the life of a now rarely seen newt, who was dawdling across Swanton Rd and likely to be squashed by the next car.

Approaching Big Creek

At the serve-yourself apple orchard across from the old school house, at the upper end of Swanton Valley

Newts, which used to be everywhere in the winters around Santa Cruz county, are now rare. This was the first I'd seen in a couple of years, walking slowly across Swanton Rd. Brought a big smile to my face! I took a picture, and herded him out of harm's way

I saw this old mailbox, off Hwy 1, just as the sun was setting, and stopped to put together this scene.