A Final Ride up Swanton Valley for 2017

Dec 31, 2017

A cool cloudy day, but no wind - perfect for a ride up the coast. I'd hoped to get in the whole Swanton Loop, but on Hwy 1 just before Laguna Rd, I ran over something and heard a whoosh of air as my back tire flatted. Ferrell had given me a bag full of 700x23cc tubes, which I gratefully accepted. I'd put one of them into my repair kit under my seat. Somehow I hadn't realized that the tubes were all dead, and needing patches! Doh! I found my patch kit, and the puncture in the tube was bigger than the usal little teeny hole. I hoped it could patch; especially as I squeezed out the very last of my tire cement. Luckily, it held! Got me to Swanton, and back home. A 34 mile ride.

That's my "why does my spare tube have a hole in it??" look

At Davenport, a couple enjoys the dramatic light from the low December sun

After I got home, it was off to Jim and Nancy's for a New Year's eve party. Thanks Jim! The food and tangerine beer hit the spot!