It was Martin Luther King Jr Holiday weekend. Alas, I was not able to get reservations at the hostel, and there are no campgrounds except a pretty terrible one at Pt Reyes Station. I decided I would just make a long day of it. The astronomical motivation was a very good occultation by the asteroid Klytia which crossed the U.S. and had over a half-dozen chords claimed - several by Roger Venable, and also Jerry B and Ted Swift. It was 11:16pm on this Saturday. So my plan was to drive up in the morning, go running perhaps to Alamere Falls, then drive out onto Tomales Peninsula and Abbott's Lagoon and run the trail out to and along the wild beach there. I got a late start, and traffic was not great... and I ended up just driving straight to Abbott's Lagoon. It was a divine day... the winds were strong and cool, and cirrus clouds promised a beautiful late afternoon sunset. I ran the 1.4 miles out to where the lagoon hits sand, doffed my shoes, and ran a while along the rough sandy beach, steep and deep from the high intensity waves that hit the shore here.

Abbott Lagoon is a series of ponds leading towards the ocean, this is the large one where the sand begins

It was a delight to run on the sand!

A ways down the beach I found this little hut of driftwood. Perfect to have my late lunch

As a watercolor

Running north. That's Tomales Pt in the distance

And looking south is Pt Reyes Headlands, one of the windiest places in North America

Someone had gifted this happy message, where the trail arrives at the sand

The waves were wild


Getting back to my car, I drove up to the overlook at the ridge, took some sunset pictures, then drove towards Inverness where I planned to have some clam chowder at the little restaurant there. Alas, it was under repairs. I went on to Pt Reyes Station, which was busy on this holiday weekend. Eventually ended up at Reyes Station Cafe, had an hour wait for a table (which I spent at the pub across the street, watching the Warriors basketball game)... and had my $20 bown of mac&cheese (it definitely Marin County prices here). Then drove to the kayak put-in at the head of Tomales Bay and listened to a biography of Clint Eastwood while I waited for the asteroid occultation. Alas, equipment trouble foiled my efforts. Got no data! Then drove home, getting back well after midnight.