A Ride up Swanton Valley

May 13, 2018

I worked on climate change writings all morning, after a groggy wake-up following too much wine and prime rib at Maria N's fabulous BBQ at Doug's the day before... but by 3pm I was itching to get out, and so did a quick 40 miler up Hwy 1 to the end of Swanton Valley to the Old Seaside Schoolhouse. Had some bonding moments with wildlife, moments of peaceful contemplation staring into the waters of Big Creek. Felt great, grateful...

At the bridge over Big Creek

The old Seaside Schoolhouse, now a residence, at the top of Swanton Valley

Across from the schoolhouse, an orchard of every variety of apple you can imagine. Looking forward to enjoying some this Fall

Today's good deed, saving this alligator lizard from the roadway. It was cool, and he was pretty lethargic, enabling some prehistoriclly large close-ups

I love alligator lizards! But, they always look so permanently angry

Big Creek, as a watercolor.