Santa Cruz Track Club Awards Banquet

Feb 16, 2019

Celebrating our great club once again. Highlights included our National Champion relay team, and bumper crops of 1,000 milers and 2,000 milers.


Lovely ladies of the track and trails

National Championships winners in the relay division: our own Jeff Soares, Kevan Chu, and Greg Hales

Ultra trail runners Mike and John

Our 1,000 mile clubbers. Equivalent to a 5K run every day. I was in there from 2014 thru 2016, but since my psoas nagging me, I've only done 700, then 600 miles the past two years.

Our 2,000 mile club members for 2018. Consider, that's averaging a 10K run every day of the year!

Diane, Joyce, and Dave

Board members Nancy and Luke. Sorry for the lint on the lens!