A Run to Five Finger Falls

May 17, 2015

Been working hard on climate materials, and on trying to get the COM ports to communicate with the telescope mount and software at Cabrillo Observatory. This cool Sunday I was in need of a good long solo run into the redwoods far from crowds. My legs were tired from some recent beach runs, but my soul needed an escape to the wilderness. Five Finger Falls is the most remote trail-accessible location in Nicene Marks. I biked in to the epicenter sign at the Bottom of the Incline, locked up, and started my 8 mile round trip run up the Big Slide trail. I was rewarded with a nice shared moment with a young garter snake, and later with an even younger dragon fly, at the falls.

Not exactly the shot I'd planned, but I couldn't hop across the stream before the delay went off. Nice shot of my UCSC Slug socks, anyway

My new friend

I was mesmerized by this young dragonfly, perfectly still, completing it's tranformation. In the pool below, a maroon-colored newt lazily coasted off towards the falls.