This Saturday continued a pattern of tropical moisture, with muggy warm weather but beautiful clouds and virga lit up by the warm setting sun. Perfect timing for my daily run: a mile to the beach at Santa Cruz at the Dream Inn, doff the shoes, another mile barefoot on the sand to the San Lorenzo River, and back. This session had plenty of stops as, Lumix in hand, the changing light and vistas had me pinwheeling looking for great shots. The camera on automatic didn't make quite the choices I'd hoped, in all cases, so forgive the colors which were saturated right out of the camera. The images will bring back good memories, and that's all I can ask.

The iconic Santa Cruz Boardwalk, (remember "The Lost Boys"?), as silhouette

love birds, angling for dinner in the San Lorenzo River terminus

Same shot, rendered and massaged in Photoshop as a watercolor

A cosmic Rorschach test. What do you see?