Bear Valley Cross Country Skiing

Jan 10, 2010

Winter is here, and I suggested to Chris that we do something different and go XC skiing. Some car time to continue our discussions on climate change issues, and a little cross training for me in this Ironman year, and Chris is always game for an outdoor adventure. Plan "A" for me was to ski out/back to Glacier Point. But it didn't look like we could reliably do that on a short January day w/o camping out, which I didn't have time for. So instead we did a strategic all-in-one-day drive up to Bear Valley. We wanted to ski a jeep trail heading off into the back country, but found that those darn snowmobile'rs had talked the Forest Service into widening their reach, and there's now no place to ski up there that's reserved for the wilderness feel of XC skiing, except.... Plan C - pay the bucks to do the Bear Valley XC Ski Center trails.

Chris, at the trailhead

Off we go. Goal - the ridge in the background

An Abominable Snowman

So who's the most stylish? Chris?! What?! Nope, it's me - in my "let's regurgitate the '80's" color coordinated outfit. From the burgundy Early Winters goretex pants, the two tone lime green cycling jacket, to the cira '89 kayaking (Lawrence of Arabia style) cap - I'm a total babe magnet.

All one can say is...

...that's really...


Chris, looking classy

at the summit

Don't forget my classic '80's Fischer Touring Crowns

A poser, in front of the summit hut