My Swedish friend and former student Maria was out from Stockholm, Sweden for a week. And she's signed up for the Stockholm Marathon! She wanted a good hard marathon training run and some pointers on the whole experience as this would be her first. I was happy to help! And we decided the beautiful waterfalls of Berry Creek loop - 11 miles - were a suitable motivator to power us through. Thursday afternoon, I picked her up and off we went, to the headquarters of Big Basin State Park.


The adventure begins at the Headquarters of Big Basin - "V" for victory is premature at this point!

A failed shot.... but maybe not. I kinda like the blur effect. This is what happens in a redwood forest lighting with a little camera while running downhill

A little alligator lizard stirs fond memories of my childhood fascination with these paleolithic relics

Timms Creek - a very welcome splash to cool us off, and good drinking water too.

at Golden Falls

Maria was loving this string of waterfalls along Berry Creek

Berry Falls, still beautiful even in low water conditions. Rendered here in artistic posterization

From here on, the Rangers seem to be saying only trim-and-fit people are cleared to pass. Maria qualifies!

A "high five" on completion

She's got the desire! It'll be a great experience for her in Stockholm.