SCTC: Berry Falls Training Run - July 12, 2009

A couple of times per year the club does this training run through some of the most beautiful trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Logistics were more complex this time as we had half the crew taking the bus up to Big Basin State Park headquarters and then running down the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail to Waddell at the ocean, while the rest of us did an out-and-back from the Waddell Beach to Berry Falls. Both runs are 13 miles, but the round trip run includes about 500 feet of elevation gain. I hopped a ride with Erin and Josie posse, and did the out-and-back. A beautiful day!

Heft that bike

Josie and Dad made it to the falls too

Josie, raring to go, is the stoker on this tandem!

I figured we'd all slowly gather and start our run together.... but turned around and found everyone was already gone.

I was last to start the run, and Josie kept pace with me till just past the visitors center where I handed her off to walker in our group and I forged ahead. I did manage to catch up some of the gang, and was able to spend about 15 minutes at Berry Falls before we all started back. I felt fine on the run to the Falls, even though, as an experiment, I'd substituted the original insoles rather than my orthotics. So much lighter, and I've been doing lots of short runs and beach runs w/o orthotics as a way of training my feet and legs to not need them. Worked fine for the first ~7-8 miles. But the last 3-4 miles were very painful as my left leg bonked. Hopefully Diane or Peter will send me pix I can add here of our gang at the Falls.

Some busted logistics involving buses made for a late start for Team B starting at the Park HQ...

...but JC, Diane, Maria and the rest finally arrived with still plenty of pancake'age to go.

Coach Joe volunteered to cook pancakes and sausage to re-fill our stomachs.

Maria, clearly "juiced", and a happy and well-fed crew celebrates a half-marathon worth of beautiful trail running