This year again, San Jose's Tullamore Dew Running Club teamed up with our Santa Cruz Track Club to put on another classic trail-running adventure in Death Valley. The first was one of my most memorable trips, in '12, and my running fitness is coming along well, so I was massively looking forward to this opportunity. The plan was to leave early Friday, do a short run on Friday afternoon after settling in, and then the long run on Saturday, and some short hikes and sightseeing on Sunday on the way home.

Up at 3am, I was at the Delucchi's at 4am and we were on the road within 20 minutes. Diane kept pedal to the metal without accumulating any new speeding tickets. Diane's new Subaru did great. We stopped for T-shirts etc at Stovepipe Wells, and were at Furnace Creek by 1pm.



Some other photo albums from this trip are from Birgit, and another from Peggy. And from Ian, from Andre, from Beth, from Larry and more from Larry here.