A Ride Through the Santa Cruz Mountains

June 28, 2014

It's Saturday and a beautiful day. I needed a break, and hopped on my Serotta and headed out for my favorite bike ride - a 57 mile tour east, through the hills of Aptos to Corralitos, up Eureka Canyon, up to the pass, across the remote section of Highland Way, then enjoy some curvy downhill and on for a snack at Summit market, then up past Hwy 17 to Mountain Charlie Road, down to Scotts Valley, over the ridge to Branciforte, and back to Santa Cruz. I only snapped a few pictures, and worked them up as artistic reminders of how beautiful our redwood mountains and streams really still are.

In the upper stretches of Corralitos Creek in Eureka Canyon; a small waterfall...

... was my first refreshment stop.

A bumblebee's water stop, 5 miles further up the mountain, at my favorite stream crossing and waterbottle refill point

Just past Camp Loma on Highland Way, dendelions along the road were at their most perfect