A Fall Colors Ride up Eureka Canyon

Oct 12, 2014

Today, I felt the pull of the maple trees and oaks of Eureka Canyon - it was a crystal clear day and the heat of the Indian Summer was cooling just a bit. I also thought of the little help-yourself apple stand out on Valencia road - where I could bring a buck and eat some fresh off the tree apples without having to carry them with me. And, I could stop at Cabrillo College on the ride home. So, it was settled; this would be my outing for the day. A 43 mile ride. I brought the little Lumix hoping for some memories to capture.

Yummy fresh apples - some organic carbs to power me up the hills to come

Destination reached - a quiet spot on Eureka Canyon's Corralitos Creek, to wash my apples and enjoy

It's not a stream visit without some splashing and imbibing of fresh mountain waters

I'm still a little obsessed with colorful leaves in streams, rendered in watercolor

The flowing water reflected the blue sky in an interesting way. Softened and sharpened and made more vivid in Photoshop.