A warm summer Friday, and I had a few hours to spend with a ride from downtown out to Aptos and Nicene Marks State Park - for a walk through redwoods and streamside rocks with Becky and 3 year old Ezra. We all enjoyed the cool waters and opportunities for flexing new skills in a beautiful environment.


Bees have had it rough for years now... so I really enjoyed that this little guy got a nice big flower all to himself

Ezra hams it up, at a dead car by the trail

Maples, in this dry year, are already starting to lose some leaves

Becky and Ezra - best in watercolor for this one

Rendered in pastels


Leaves of maple, oak, and alder

Look Mommy - a fish!


Master of the Rocks

King Ezra, on his thone of redwood

Fun climbing up and down and throwing his new nerf ball around from the summit of this redwood nest, with a couple of other kids

Back at the car, Ezra tries out his bug net on the Big Bug Becky

It was a fun afternoon!