A Thunderstorm Beach Run, and Fall Creek

Aug 6 & 8, 2015

My first test-out of the new Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 Is. First was a run along the beach, which turned out to co-incide with a rare summer thunderstorm. Spectacular cloud-to-cloud lightning on the run back to my place through the town.

I walked out into the waves to get this shot looking back towards the sunset

I've been doing some extra workouts on my hip adductors, and it seems to be helping my left psoas pain. And also doing ankle-over-knee stretches for the psoas with more regularity, and this may be helping me re-orient my feet during running, so that I less need the orthotics I've been running with for 25 years. At least, after the Sandman Triathlon last week I noticed my left arch was really sore and even bruised by the 5 mile run. So this beach run I ran w/o orthotics, and again the day before this, and the day after this, for a total of 12 consecutive miles w/o orthotics. At this point I felt some over-strain in my left arch and decided for my long run in Fall Creek on Saturday I'd use them again. I'm hoping that all the barefoot beach running I've been doing the past 2 years is training and strengthening my feet to not need those orthotics. It was quite a bit more comfortable, and lighter, to run with the shoe's natural insole than those heavy orthotics. We shall see.

Fall Creek State Park Aug 8

This was my first long trail run in a while, and it went well. I did stop at each creek crossing to relieve the hot and mugginess with good head dunk, splashing myself with cold water, and drinking deeply of fresh streamwater. I just love my Fall Creek runs! Checked the map, and this run is almost 2,000 ft of climbing, and takes me from 450 ft elevation at the trail head to 2,000 ft at Sunlit Lane on Empire Grade. A good solid workout since my next big race is Ironman 70.3 in Santa Cruz (formerly Big Kahuna), in 5 weeks.

At my favorite little waterfall on Fall Creek

At the Big Ben tree, I had the last of my fig bar and most of my cherry tomato / avo sandwich. From here's it's just a half mile more to Empire Grade and then it's all downhill after that.