The Firecracker 10K Race

July 4, 2015


An annual tradition. But this year I decided to rest up. I'd done 70 miles on the bike the day before and today, and then a long run in Fall Creek the next day. So today would just be photos of track club friends, and inhaling some pancakes and OJ at the post-race breakfast, all at Harvey West Park.

Rick gets a head-turn from an admirer

But he stays focused!

The usual characters at the finishline

Well done, Rick!

Rick and in-law Jeff both had great races

Post race story-swapping

Shoshanna came in right behind Rick - a great finish and good for more podium time!

Dave and Kevan too

Josh, William, and Ferrell's arch-nemesis Rich R

Liz and Stuart go red/green on the popsicles

They put out a good breakfast of Pancakes and eggs & sausage

Congratulations, Jeff!

and Liz

Rick strikes a Podium Pose. 2nd place!

OK.... where's the rest of the winners?

Dave D ran the 5K - earned 2nd place.

Katherine Beiers - another race/another 1st place medal

Good celebrations for all!