Mountain Biking at Fort Ord - Feb 27, 2011


On the back trails we found this woman, who unfortunately was putting the cart before the horse (didn't her grandmother ever tell her not to do that?)

At the top of the first hill. Kathy's experiencing a Zen moment.... or something. Not sure what this photo was about, actually.

Early disc wheel technology. Kathy's $6000 bike (she's the current world champ in Xterra racing, remember), strategically hides my $600 bike (OK, my good one got ripped off years ago).

At the top of Machine Gun Hill

We decided not to do the single-track behind this sign. Doing an endo onto a land mine would hurt

Our trail crosses a rare bit of asphalt here

Roger examines the map, planning our next assault

Near the top of our adventure, a great view from here

Roger maps it. It was mostly downhill from here. The trails here are narrow but great for riding during the rainy season because the sand content is pretty high.

Thanks Gang, for expert guidance and patience. The trails out here truely a joy to ride!