Rick and Mary's Art World and No Hitter Adventure - July 11, 2009

I've been trying to interest friends in joining me at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for the exhibition for Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keefe. Then, Mary invites me to join her for a Giants game and also the SFMOMA exhibit. Perfect! I drove us up the coast, we arrived at SFMOMA, got outfitted with audio, and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. It featured many works I'd not seen before, and interleaved their subjects to show their very different views of natural scenes. I spent extra time studying the cropping that Adams used, as it's been an aspect of my own photography that I could use some help with. At the 5:45pm closing, we headed to Chipotle for some good Mex food, and then parked near AT&T Stadium for the Giants / Padres game. I used my blue placard to excellent effect, saving us much $$$ and frustration in parking.

I'd not been to a live game since an Orioles game in 1985 in Baltimore. And worse, I'd never ever been to a game and had my team end up the winner! I'm too old to have to make such a sad statement, but true! Even going back to the early '60's and a game my Dad took me to to see Sandy Koufax pitch. Mary worried I'd be the jinx that would put this game in the dumpster. After all, her tickets had already been devalued by the fact that Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson was injured and not pitching, and instead we had Jon Sanchez on the mound - with an unimpressive 2-8 record. But I'm not a big baseball fan, after the strike many years ago. And I just wanted to enjoy the whole ball park experience.

We were walking around the stadium, looking down on McCovey Cove, and Sandoval hits a homer which lands just a few feet away...

...and this steam chimney shoots up and we got all wet. Fun!

The sunset was pretty colorful too

The Giants jumped out to a 4 run lead in the 2nd and it all looked good. When the Padres were up, I figured Sanchez would get shelled soon... but it never happened. Still, I didn't notice till later in the game that he hadn't allowed a hit. Or a walk. Jeez - this guy who everyone figured would get tagged bigtime, was pitching a perfect game! Couldn't last of course... but he kept striking people out and so ... maybe? Then in the 8th, Uribe booted a grounder and the perfect game was done for. doh!

Here's the scoreboard after the 8th inning error. But still - no Runs, No Hits! No walks!


In the end of course, Sanchez struck out the last batter and did indeed pitch a no-hitter, and only the single error marred the perfect game. Everyone went crazy. We ate the last few of our garlic fries and joined the celebration before driving home. Great day!