Photo Session at Greyhound Rock, Santa Cruz County Coast - Feb 13, 2009


Viktoria and I headed up the coast on a windy, cold, stormy weather day for some beach meditations and nature photography. Destination - Greyhound Rock, a favorite for shore fishing and beach explorations north of Davenport.

Viktoria ponders this mushroom... edible? Better not find out.

Looking south

This crumbling cliff is shedding loose rocks constantly...

...making impressive craters

This bird apparently lost in the daily eat-or-be-eaten competition

This crab didn't fare much better

We don't want Viktoria to be a loser too, so please, Miss... step AWAY from the cliff!

Wave-rounded shell with a spash of lavender...

...V's favorite color

Green is also nice

Viktoria meditates and sketches from this incredible perch. There's a 2x2 ft flat space at the top, big enough for one.

Lighting changes were dramatic

Calcite veins in a sandstone matrix, macro'd

Tidepool rock formation: Golden coatings around a blue nugat

A perfect ending to a perfect afternoon