Jan 25, 2014

The local neon artist Brian Coleman had an exhibition in downtown Santa Cruz this weekend which I and a few friends attended, followed by a dinner at local eatery legend the Saturn Cafe. Neon at night is such a beautiful subject for photography - I couldn't resist! Brought my new Lumix and tried some hand-held. Still learning the settings, but I thought some came out well. Tragically, the Big Sur fire a few weeks ago (fire? in Big Sur in January??) burned down his place and his studio, so giving his wonderful art some wider recognition felt doubly important. The neon pieces are all available for purchase. I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to contact him, he's at bricol1@earthlink.net

Outdoor sculpture pieces...

Couldn't resist the juxtaposition - the melted "1984" computer screen water fountain, decaying wall, blue water, and religious writings