Every Friday, the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association and West End Wharf and Wine Swim Club gathers informally on the sand by the Dream Inn and does a 1-mile swim around the Santa Cruz wharf. Water temperatures are extra warm this summer, in the mid to low 60's, and it's a great excuse for me to get in a 1 mile run to the sand, 1 mile swim, and 1 mile run back home for a invigorating start to Friday evening. A bit larger group than usual - both the Big Kahuna Half Ironman tri, and Kem Akol's new Ironman race was this weekend, and the popular Santa Cruz tri is in two weeks.

stroke for stroke; that's me in back

...that's better

A little close, I am. Wouldn't do to have a 300 lb seal decide to fall on me just to make a point

Many more photos on Michael Peck's excellent photo Facebook site