Celebrating the Olive

Mar 16, 2013

Kathy and Roger helped Roger Wolf harvest the first crop of his new private label Dos Aguilas Olives. This happened in January (I love harvesting olives - I'm now on the email list to help out for next year). Today was a celebration party at the little farm up Pleasant Valley, a time to socialize and enjoy the delicious creations. We met at Kathy's at 10am. Roger had already done about 15 miles just riding from Scotts Valley up to UCSC and mountain biking the trails. Now we embarked on a ride through the residential backstreets and Soquel Dr, to the hills of Aptos and Pleasant Valley.

These black olives were post-cured in olive oil with orange peel, fennel seed, and garlic. They were the best olives I've ever sampled, bar none.

Olive Orgasm!

Laura is good friends with Roger Wolfe, and helped put this party on.