A Backpack in the Utah Escalante Canyons

Mar 26- Apr 2, 2015



First night, I camped in a pretty spot just a few miles from the Ivanpah Solar Farm, but it was eery that the mirrors glowed so brightly even before the sun rose and even while it was dark, at midnight as I set up camp.

Later, that afternoon, I arrive at Escalante and proceed to Bill's place where I met Steve and Jim. The 4 of us headed off to do a hike, and Bill showed us a short but spectacular slot canyon

At the floor of the canyon, the slot got quite narrow at its upper end

The intense sky blue at this 5,000 ft elevation, lit the steps of this otherwise iron-red sandstone,and highlighted the stress texture of these ancient walls

Back at the cars, we found a perfect camp just a few hundred yards deeper into the canyon. Steve shows off his lightweight tent

Jim brought along some celebration for our slot canyon day #1

Granola breakfast, prep our backpacks, and prepare for the 20 mile drive over dirt roads...

...to the Harris Wash trailhead

The wash was dry at the trailhead...

But within half a mile, open water starts to flow, and low canyon walls begin to appear

Water flow increases, and walls get taller.

The canyon walls are getting more spectacular, with streamcuts carving overhung ramparts

I'm the one with the red backpack - my new Gregory