Holiday with good friends... but, it was now January, and I felt the need to do a long run deep in the redwoods. I got up late, and needed to do some things at Cabrillo College too, so thoughts of exploring a distant un-run trail farther afield, turned instead to Nicene Marks. I hoped to run the big loop from the base of Hoffman, to Sand Point, and down the other side to Five Finger Falls, and out the Big Slide trail. But my schedule slipped further, and I scaled back - to Sand Point and back, which would be almost 12 miles round trip, going the Bridge Creek, Big Stump route.That would get me back to my bike at sunset, and twilight would get me back down to the entrance.

At the base of the Hoffman Loop, I'm starting with a stretch, she's finishing up a 7 mile run.

The recent windstorm brought down some trees across the trail.

First crossing of Bridge Creek. I like this spot; drink, splash on some cold water, admire the fossilized clam shells in the mudstone, and parallel the creek for another mile.

At the bottom of the Big Stump trail, final chance to drink and splash before lots of steep uphill running.

The Trail Ghost...

The trail camp at the top of West Ridge, my turn-around as it was now 3:45pm and only 1hr 15m till sunset.