More prep for the Ironman 70 in 3 weeks. I suggested we do a Sunday morning open water swim around the wharf, with whomever showed up from the other clubs around town. We had some West End Wharf and Wine Swim Clubbers join us. The choice was made to swim the bouys out to the 3rd, then angle left beyond the end of the pier, then in to the Boardwalk. Water felt in the mid 60's, very warm for Santa Cruz, and shimmering silver reflections of anchovies swam underneath us along most of way. A playful seal swam underneath once too. The anchovies have been here for a few weeks now, and I'm hoping the humpback whales return too, like last Fall. Swimming with the whales is one of the great experiences one can have!

Ferrell, always friendly with the local swimmers...

Club Ed, nicely allowed us to stow our gear during the swim

As usual, my June Lake Triathlon tech shirt doubles as my rashguard

Time to get our swagger on

Post swim wrap-up shot. Smile, Nolt, it was a great time out there!

Afterwards, Ferrell did a 12 mile run, doing most of the Ironman 70 run course. I joined him out to the lighthouse. 4 miles total for me. What a great start to Sunday!