Additional Cool Stuff - Astro 3

Planetary Formation
N-body Simulations of 1 km Planetesimals

Discovering Other Earth's Elsewhere in the Galaxy
Transit methods Finding Super-Earths
Transit Programs, Results from the Eta Earth Survey
(72 min talk at the SETI Institute)
Natalie Batahla; Kepler and Finding the Next Earth (Oct '12) (1hr 29min)
Nova PBS - Finding Life Beyond Earth (1:47:55)

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
A WISE Search for ET (1hr 23min)

On Life and Death of Earth at the Hands of Mother Nature
Gamma Ray Bursters
Feb 13, 2013 Russian Meteorite Explosions, visuals
(16 min)

General Solar System Resources
How Radar tells us about Near Earth Asteroids
The Planetary Society - 105 videos
Asteroid 1998 QE2 and its orbiting moon (54 sec)
Adaptive Optics Sharpens the sky - Radio Interview NPR
Nova - Finding Life on Other Planets (1hr 45min)

Instrumentation, Light
The City Dark (trailer)

Free Online Courses
* Dr. Impey's "State of the Art in Astronomy"

Free OnLine Astronomy Talks
* Silicon Valley Astronomy Society Invited Talks - YouTube Channel. These are about 6-90 minutes by high profile astronomers, to the general public