Work Projects at the Observatory

Date: Sometime in late January '08 is my current guess. Electrical install will happen mostly in late December. Completing the building will be in the Jan 10-15, '08 time frame, as well as final electrical install of outlets and switches.


1. Move in to our new building! I'll have a chicken BBQ dinner to provide for you all! Dave McKulle will be our expert cook (bad back precludes most work, alas) Tasks will include...

a. Move in carpet, then desks and bookcase computers.

b. Put carpeting in the scope room.

c. Place the steel plate and the scope back onto the concrete pedestal, and polar align (me and some beefy types - Jeff?). I'm assuming our G11 mount won't have arrived yet, so no scope installation. However, when it does, it might be a one-man job I can do. Polar alignment will be a cinch with the polar scope, and the 12" scope w/o fork mount is probably light enough that I may be able to do it myself (but one more person might be needed; we'll see).

d. place and install our phone

e. Put our internet patch antenna back on the roof and get internet happening again. (Jay?)

f. replace the little do-dad micro-shelving that surrounded the scope room (I'll do this)

g. connect up the wires for the scope and dome.

We will NOT have to muscle the dome back onto the roof; That'll be done for us by Chuck Mornard's students. Except for bringing in the desks and replacing the scope onto the concrete pier, they in fact can probably be done by a single person are don't involve much muscle work. But it'll go MUCH faster if we all pitch in, and focus on tasks we're suited to. And, it'll be fun! Moving IN is much more fun than pulling something apart.

2. Chain saw the scrubby trees near the port-a-potty which are now wrecking our southern horizon. (Karl? )

3. Clean mirrors on Dob's.(McKulle?)

4. BBQ up some good chicken and heat up the rice (McKulle)