Charbydis Occultation - June 11, 2005

Observer: Richard Nolthenius

Site: Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA. WGS84 coordinates from are below.

Longitude: W119deg 50.70'

Latitude: North 35deg 18.33'

Elevation: 2488 ft

Telescope: 10" LX200 tracking in alt/az mode.

Timing Method: PC164c taped on miniDV, with audio WWV input, with f/3.3 focal reducer.

began: 9:34:40 UT

end: 9:41:01 UT

Conditions were excellent - good seeing, clean skies. The occultation was a miss. Predicted occultation was at 9:38:25. The predicted duration was 19 seconds. While the star was faint, it was visible and easy to follow. No periods longer than a small fraction of a second was the star missing.