Two Star Alignment in Alt-Az for the LX200gps, and Getting Target on LCD Screen

from Meade Doc Here

* Set up scope on the tripod. Stand on the south side of the tripod facing the north horizon
* before tightening the clamp, spin the base until the mount control panel is on your side (the south side) of the tripod.
* Aim the scope OTA flat and aimed at the northern horizon beneath the North Star.
* Power up scope.
* Align: Automatic displays, press scroll down key until Align: Two Stars displays, then Enter
* Select star displays, and scroll to one you like, then Enter and the scope slews to near the star
* Use the arrow keys to move the scope until centered, then Enter
* Repeat for 2nd star.

Manual for LX200gps with Autostar II

Now, how to point the scope to a given RA and Dec. From the pdf manual.... "To manually enter the R.A. and Dec. coordinates of an object: Press and hold MODE for two seconds or more. The R.A. and Dec. coordinates display. Press GO TO."Object Position" and a set of coordinates displays. Then enter the R.A. and Dec. coordinates of any celestial object using Number keys. As soon as the coordinates are entered, Autostar II slews the telescope to the coordinates."

Now, to Acquire Target Star on the LCS of the ZR45mc for LX200gps 8" scope
* Insert the Q70 eyepiece into the 2" diagonal attached to the back of the OTA
* Find the target star
* pull off 2" diagonal and eyepiece and screw on Meade f/3.3 reducer then the Meade-to-1.25" adapter, then insert the Watec with longnose.
* turn focus knob 1.2 full 360 rotations in the CCW direction, and stars should be in focus on the LCD screen.
* For a clean winter sky at 30deg altitude, 16x integration (1/8 sec) shows limiting magnitude 13.8, and 13.0 is decently easy, and 12's very easy.