The Iduna Occultation

Nov 8/9, 2013

This was a "sure thing" occultation of a faint star right through Santa Cruz. Aptos was very close to the center line. The target was 11.3 magnitude combined. Here's the prediction page from Steve Preston.



LiMovie light curve, and if you look very hard, you'll see the dim star inside the red circle

Tony George's reduction of the LiMovie data after I fixed the several time stamp read translations

Occular final report

Error histogram from solutions set for timings in Occular

Bottom line results: Observed from Cabrillo College observatory at the 10" telescope's concrete pier. Clear skies and steady conditions. Thick cresent moon in the sky not far from the star. PC 164cEX2 video camera + Kiwi VTI and Canon ZR 45mc camcorder. Meade f/3.3 reducer. Here's the Excel report sent off to IOTA



Begin 06:07:00 but large file size bombed Occular, so I cut the size of the data reduced to begin at 06:08:02
D: 06:08:29.788 +- 0.046
R: 06:08:40.862 +- 0.046
End 06:08:54.0 end of data analyzed, but recording lasted till 06:09:50 or so with star visually seen