Io Occultation - May 15, 2005

Observer: Richard Nolthenius

Site: Ponderosa Campground in Big Sur. WGS84 coordinates from are below.

Longitude: 121W 23' 02"

Latitude: 35N 59' 52"

Elevation: 1460 ft

Telescope: 10" LX200 tracking in alt/az mode.

Timing Method: visual with WWV and voice tape recorder. 26mm eyepiece at f/10.

began: 3:54:01 UT

end: 3:57:03 UT

The occultation was a miss. Predicted occultation was at 3:55:10. I had trouble setting up in the twilight, and found the star with only enough time to get the tape recorder and WWV radio going, not to get the video set up. The star was easy to follow and the seeing quite steady. No question, we had a miss. No occultation during the observing period. This was inside the northern predicted limit, but not by much. Other observations indicate a small south shift, apparently just enough to give a miss here. Dunham's text of the relevant observers and results is here. And the plot of the resulting Io profile is here.