Metcalfia Occultation - Mar 30, 2009

This occultation was at altitude only 19 degrees, in eastern Hydra, at 4:42am. The odds of an event here was 66%, but the star was faint - 12.1 combined magnitude. The conditions were clear, moonless, but high winds up at the Coolidge Road turnout above the Pogonip on UCSC property (where Karl and I watched the sunrise solar eclipse many years ago). I used the 10" Meade and because the star had no brighter stars within the FOV of the PC164CEX2, and also because my alarm was set wrong and I woke up late, I did not have time to try and video record it; at the last minute I punted and put in the eyepiece. The seeing had steadied by the time of the occultation and I could keep the star in view steadily with properly executed averted vision. The wind made the stars as blur balls, but steady, and the blur balls were actually fairly tight as occultation time arrived. 20 minutes earlier, I thought it was hopeless to see as I could just barely see the even more blurred star image. In the end, I got a 2.7 second occultation (estimated confidence 75%).

The Excel report is here.