Adzhimushkaj - Aug 21, 2004

Observer: Richard Nolthenius

Telescope: 10" LX200 w/ 22mm 2 inch Nagler eyepiece.

Conditions: Very good. Dark, stable seeing. Star steady and constant visibility

Site: Bonny Doon summit (Mary's place). Lat=+37° 5.93', Long=-122° 8.39', 16.8 miles or 0.93 path widths south of the predicted center.

Observations: Lack of time prevented set up of video system. Ended up watching with voice/WWV/Tape recorder, but no voice recording got taped. Nevertheless, the observing itself went well. A brief blink was noted about UT=4:42:24 +- 4 seconds. The blink duration was 0.3 seconds. Begin time was 4:39:00, end time was 4:44:00.

Here's the IOTA report on all observations of this event, and a sky-plane reduction showing the inferred size and shape of the asteroid.