Alauda Occultation: Mar 21, 2004 UT

The occultation of the 10.2 star was central in the Santa Cruz area, with good accuracy so the odds of success were very high. Fog came in and blocked skies below 2,000 feet elevation. Chris Angelos and I went up to Bonny Doon Airport and joined the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club regular starparty. Chris was not able to locate the star in time, despite practice on the previous night. I had better luck, getting the star located and having the WWV/tape recorder set up working properly. We had cirrus clouds which came and went, but during the several minutes around the event the sky in this quadrant was clear. The result was a solidly timed D and R. I'll put the coordinates and timings here soon.

Site: Bonny Doon Airport

Long. 122deg 07.71'

Lat. 37deg 04.27'

elev. 2001 ft.