Asterope Occultation - Aug 27, 2005

Observer: Richard Nolthenius

Site: Dimeo Rd off Hwy 1, a few miles west of Santa Cruz, CA. WGS84 coordinates from my GPS are below.

Longitude: 122W 06.33'

Latitude: 36N 58.27'

Elevation: 193 ft

Telescope: 10" LX200 tracking in alt/az mode.

Timing Method: visual with WWV and voice tape recorder. 22mm eyepiece at f/10.

The occultation was a miss. I had trouble setting up in time, and found the star with only enough time to get the tape recorder and WWV radio going, not to get the video set up. The star was easy to follow and the seeing quite steady. No question, I had a miss. Limiting magnitude was 1 mag below the 11.5 combined star+asteroid magnitude. A description of the adventure is here.

began: 05:15:15UT

ended 05:18:35UT

predicted 17 second occultation centered on 05:16:05UT. No occultation occurred.