The Aurora Occultation - Nov 25, 2009

This was another "sure thing", about which I was becoming skeptical since my last two "sure thing" asteroid events were misses. Odds this time were 88% from either Cabrillo or from home. I was desperately short of sleep, and sick with a virus, and so opted for staying home. I packed up the 10" and gear at the end of Astro 8A on Tue evening and drove home. Got 1/2 hr sleep before awaking at 1am and setting up against the fence "fire lane". Got the scope aligned and NGC 3377 was very nearby and so the target turned out to be very easy to slew to and ID. The air was cold and slightly damp, but there were zero clouds. Tracking by the LX200 was solid. Initially the target was almost invisibly faint. But as it slowly rose over the next 25 minutes, the brightness improved and by occultation time it was bright enough to keep in steady view, if care was taken to sheild my eyes from the random lights around the apartment complex. I scotched taped aluminum foil over the 3 worst offenders in that regard.

Timings: and the Excel report

D: 10:00:23.71 RT = 0.47, acc=0.18

R: 10:00:31.36 RT = 0.39, acc=0.18

Track = 34.25km south

Long:122 01 55.24

Lat: 36 58' 22.94

Elev: 25 ft. WGS84 off Google Earth

Here's the final sky plane plot of the observations