Bredichina Occultation Apr 10, 2005

Observer: Richard Nolthenius (831) 479-6506, rinolthe at

Asteroid, Star: (786) Salome, UCAC2 24437805

Telescope: 12" Meade LX200 f/10 with Celestron f/3.3 reducer

Location: Kent's Acton cabin, W.Long= 118 11 14, N. Lat 34 25 36, elev 2920ft, WGS84 coordinates from USGS map at

Method: PC 164C video camera with manual gain control modification, recorded on Canon ZR45mc miniDV tape with WWV audio.

Sky: clear, average seeing. 11.6 combined image at the limit of visibility, frame-to-frame play back shows the star only about half the time, due to faintness.

begin observing: 11:01:00 UT

end observing: 11:06:00 UT


Star was easy to locate as it was at the center of the famous M25 star cluster. But it was quite faint and occasional periods of a few tenths of a second the star is missing, but comparison with other stars in the field show this brief periods, including during the prime occultation period, are probaably due to periods of poorer than average seeing. As the max duration was 8 seconds, it's highly likely that there was a miss at my station. Also, Robert Jones observed from 65 minutes of latitude north of the centerline and reported a miss. I was 66 minutes of latitude north of the centerline.

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