Camilla Occultation - Sept 5, 2004


Observer: Richard Nolthenius

I observed from Montana De Oro State Park, near San Luis Obispo, CA. Conditions were excellent, and the asteroid and target star were easy before the event, and easy as a merged object. I watched from 8:54:04 to 8:58:00 UT and saw no occultation. Since the image would not have dropped to complete blackness but instead to a faint level, it's possible that a 0.3 sec blink could've occured without being noted. (sleeping too long foiled my video attempt - it was visual /voice/WWV/ digital tape recorder). However, I feel fairly sure there were no satellite events longer than this at my station.

Observed: 8:54:04 to 8:58:00UT with no occultation, no fade observed.


Long 120 53m 05s
Lat 35 16' 26"
elev 25 ft.