Salome Occultation Apr 10, 2005

Observer: Richard Nolthenius (831) 479-6506, rinolthe at

Asteroid, Star: (562) Salome, TYC 5603-00610-1

Telescope: 12" Meade LX200 f/10 with Celestron f/3.3 reducer

Location: Kent's Acton cabin, W.Long= 118 11 14, N. Lat 34 25 36, elev 2920ft, WGS84 coordinates from USGS map at

Method: PC 164C video camera with manual gain control modification, recorded on Canon ZR45mc miniDV tape with WWV audio.

Sky: clear, mediocre seeing. 10.1 star easy and continuously visible except.

begin observing: 09:48:00 UT

end observing: 09:52:00 UT


Star was easy to follow and no events occured. A clean miss.

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