Ulla Occultation - Jan 13, 2006

Observer: Richard Nolthenius (831) 479-6506, rinolthe at cabrillo.edu

Asteroid, Star: (909) Ulla, TYC 0848-00586-1

Telescope: 10" Meade LX200 f/10, Alt-Az, 115x magnification

Location: Cabrillo Observatory, W.Long= 121 55 27.2, N. Lat 36 59 34.0, elev 190ft, NAD83 coordinates from USGS map at topozone.com

Method: Voice/WWV/tape recorder

Sky: clear, fair seeing, star visibility: easy 9.8 star well above mag limit. Solid.

Timings: Jan 13, 2006 UT

begin: 08:27:30

D: 08:29:02.48 acc=0.2, reaction time .45

R: 08:29:16.40 acc=0.2, reation time 0.49

end: 08:32:00

Comments: Didn't get the VTI set up; I forgot the f/3.3 and couldn't locate and focus the star quickly enough on the screen. So pulled and went visual at the last minute. There were no secondary occultation events during my observing period.